Bancroft welcomes you!

Bancroft is a quiet community with approximately 390 residents. Our town lies in the midst of the Caribou Highlands, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and productive fields of grain and potatoes. We are proud of our town and want all who reside or visit here to feel of our warm country atmosphere.  

A few interesting facts about Bancroft:

  • Bancroft sits at an elevation of 5420 feet above sea level.

  • Bancroft is a railroad town and lies on the historic route of old Highway 30.

  • Bancroft was informally named after W. H. Bancroft the President and General Manager of the Oregon Short Line rail road company in 1892.

  • Official designation as Bancroft Village occurred on July 23rd 1898. Over time Bancroft was incorporated as a City on Feb. 18th, 1941.

The city sprang into existence when the railroad came into the area around 1882, Mormon Settler Parley P. Willey was contracted to supply timber for the rail ties. He relocated a saw mill from Chesterfield to Squaw Creek (now Bancroft). With the mill came employment, and men from all around came to Squaw Creek to work and over time the village grew to become Bancroft and into what exists today.




Council Meeting Agenda

Agenda-December 17th Meeting 
Rescheduled for December 18, 2018
Sorry for the Inconvenience

City of Bancroft, Idaho

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Scenes from around town: City Hall, sunrises and sunsets, fall color, the annual 24th of July Pioneer Day Celebration and the annual Christmas lighting of Teusher Square.
July 24th is the Bancroft Pioneer Days Celebration!
Parade: Mark Priestley 208-648-7830
Rodeo: Nicole McLain 208-339-6475

Vendor Booths: Kathy Berry 208-648-7353
For more information go to the Bancroft Pioneer Days Facebook Page

Public Notice

Water Treatment Information

The majority of the time the City of Bancroft water system does not require treatment of any kind. To maintain the cleanliness of the transmission pipes, distribution pipes, valves and components of the water system, treatments using chlorine will be conducted periodically. The water during treatment is completely safe to consume. We will do our best to keep treatments to as short a time as possible.

 During treatment chlorination levels are kept far below what most municipalities generally treat their water. Our water is treated at or under 0.09 parts chlorine per million parts water (or 9 parts chlorine per 100 million parts water). Most water systems requiring chlorination treat between 1.00 and 2.00 parts per million. We are grateful for your patience and regret any inconvenience this might cause.

Winter Updates
The city plows have been having mechanical issues.  
We appreciate those citizens who have called to get updates  and are being patient.    

The city is planning to haul the piles of snow out of town as soon as possible.
Spring and Summer Updates
Due to miss-use of the cities debris bins, they will no longer be available to the public for the entire summer.  

The city will set specific dates for the public to use the bins. Watch for Notices in the public facilities. 
We will try to correlate with the Annual Spring Clean-up and two weeks in the Fall. 
Spring Clean-up 2018 is set for April 30-May 17th. (We coordinate with the county during their free dump days)
Residents are responsible to dispose of their own debris outside of the official Spring Clean-Up and the 2 weeks in the fall.
Please do not stack your debris in the alleyways.
The City will Fine residents who choose to violate the city codes. 
A maximum of 10 tires per household can be stacked neatly beside the City Shop at 114 E. Center St.
The 2018 County FREE DUMP days are May 7-14 

Notify the city and the county in advance
Do not leave your fire unattended and contact the city office if you have questions regarding what can and cannot be burned (208)648-7648 

The City of Bancroft is contracted with MR&E out of Soda Springs  
The normal pick-up day is Thursdays. 
In the event that a major holiday falls on a Thursday garbage will be picked up the next day (Friday)
The City Maintenance workers are willing to repair damaged lids and wheels if possible and if they have the proper parts. Other situations and repairs will be handled by MR&E.

 MR&E has asked that  residents have their cans out by 8:00 a.m. on Thursday mornings due to route changes. The pick-up time will vary.
Council Meetings start at 7:00 pm as of May 2018


 City Council Meetings will start at 7:00 pm starting in May 2018

Mayor and City Council

Mayor: William O. Lester
Council Members:
Cp, Rick Hatch
Cm, Carrie Yost
Cm, Mickelle O'Brien
Cm, Scott Hayden

Bancroft Park Photos

Quarterly Financial Reports