Bancroft welcomes you!

Bancroft is a quiet community with approximately 390 residents. Our town lies in the midst of the Caribou Highlands, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and productive fields of grain and potatoes. We are proud of our town and want all who reside or visit here to feel of our warm country atmosphere.  

A few interesting facts about Bancroft:

  • Bancroft sits at an elevation of 5420 feet above sea level.

  • Bancroft is a railroad town and lies on the historic route of old Highway 30.

  • Bancroft was informally named after W. H. Bancroft the President and General Manager of the Oregon Short Line rail road company in 1892.

  • Official designation as Bancroft Village occurred on July 23rd 1898. Over time Bancroft was incorporated as a City on Feb. 18th, 1941.

The city sprang into existence when the railroad came into the area around 1882, Mormon Settler Parley P. Willey was contracted to supply timber for the rail ties. He relocated a saw mill from Chesterfield to Squaw Creek (now Bancroft). With the mill came employment, and men from all around came to Squaw Creek to work and over time the village grew to become Bancroft and into what exists today.




City of Bancroft, Idaho

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Scenes from around town: Sunrises and sunsets, fall color, city park, the annual 24th of July Pioneer Day Celebration and the annual lighting of Teusher Square.

Public Notice

Building Permits-Title 9 Section 9-2-3 (City Code)
Summary of Code:
Residents planning to build, repair, alter, improve, demolish, or move any structure within the city limits must obtain a building permit. Permits must be approved through the city council 

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    With the wide spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Idaho, the City of Bancroft is taking extra precautions to protect the health and safety of the community. We encourage you to continue using the drop box, city website, and mail system to make payments. We are closely monitoring  the national and local response efforts. 
    We understand that everyone has their own idea of how to respond to the threat of the COVID-19 however, we know that early containment, through social distancing and vigilant hygiene, is the best way we can protect ourselves and those  in our community that are vulnerable. 
    To comply with the Governors guidelines we ask that residents use the following options to make payments:
    1.) Drop box-located on the south side of City Hall (Put your account number on the memo line if using a check)
    2.) Mail Payments to: P.O. Box 39,  Bancroft, Idaho, 83217
    3.) Pay on-line using the cities website:  (Make a Payment Tab) 
    Do Not flush items that will not disintegrate in the sewer system (wipes-paper towels-napkins) 
    If you have questions, concerns or basic needs feel free to call the City Office: 208-648-7648
    or send an email to:
          Prevention Methods:
  • Social Distancing-6ft. (follow Governor Little's Statewide Stay-Healthy Idaho Order at :
  • Wear cloth face coverings in public places
  • Wash hand frequently & dry thoroughly
  • Discontinue travel, parties, or any mass type event
  • Call SIPH call center with questions or concerns 208-234-5875 or go to:

Census  2020
Participation is safe, confidential, and critical in getting accurate population information and enhance community resources.
Each resident will receive a card in the mail Mid-March or April (Invitation to Participate Card)
Reporting is very important and can be done by mail, email, or phone. If no response is given a Census Taker will stop by your home.
The questionnaire is approx. 8 questions (household related)
Identifying a Census taker 
1.)  Badge that reads "United States Census Bureau"
2.)  I.D. Card that reads "U.S. Department of Commerce-Bureau of Census
3.)  Black Bag (optional for Census Taker to carry) reads "United States Census Bureau with blue lettering placed in a white bar
To check the identity of the Census Taker or Report suspicious fraud: 
Call 1-800-7923-9282 
Billions of federal dollars will be distributed among states and communities for the next decade using the data collected
Data collected will determine our state representation in Congress.
To Apply for a job as a local Census Taker go to: or call 1-855-562-2020

Parents please talk to your children about the city curfew and respecting the rights of others. Residents have complained about children and teenagers out late at night disturbing the peace. The children in Bancroft are wonderful but need supervision from parents.

For Sale
1975 International Garbage Truck-Runs but needs mechanical work-Make Offer

Garbage Removal Services
The city is contracted with MR&E out of Soda Springs 
Thursday is garbage day unless a major holiday falls on that day. In that event pickup will be on Friday (the following day)
Cans need to be out by 8:00 a.m. and pulled back off the streets as soon as possible for snow removal
All repairs need to be reported to MR&E (per their request)

 Annual Lighting of Teuscher Square is the Monday following Thanksgiving 
  Supper 5:30 ~ 
Lighting of Square & Santa 6:00

A Maximum of fifteen (15) hens are allowed in the city limits. No roosters City Code: 5-3-1

Payment Options 
Debit or Credit Card, Checks, Cash, Money Orders, E-Checks, or Auto Pay (through your banking institution)
Payments can be made through this website on the payment tab

The fee for using a card is 3% plus $1.00 charged by the card companies (None of these fees go to the city)
Many residents have set up Auto-Pay through their bank and are enjoy this method of payment

If using Auto-Pay through you bank please give them your city utility account number found on your monthly statements 
Auto-Payments set up through your bank will take the normal mailing time to circulate back to the city 

July 24th Pioneer Day Celebration
Parade 10:00 a.m.
Rodeo: 2:00 p.m.
Contact the following people for more information  
Parade-Mark Priestley 208-648-7830
Rodeo-Nicole McLain 208-339-6475 

Vendors-Kathie Berry 208-648-7353


As of May 2018 Council Meetings start at 7pm

Mayor and City Council

Mayor: Lucus Spencer 208-221-3839
Council Members:
Cm, Carrie Yost 208-547-7841
Cm, Mickelle O'Brien 208-580-5355
Cp, Scott Hayden 208-252-4435
Cm, Joseph Perry 208-221-4632

Bancroft Park Photos

Quarterly Financial Reports