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City Council

Meeting Time 8:00 pm
Mayor: LuCus H. Spencer

Council Members:
Rick Hatch-Council President
Joseph Perry
Eric Christensen
Nate Eiman

Departments & Responsibilities
Fire Department-Joe Perry
Parks-Rick Hatch
Planning & Zoning-Eric Christensen  317-1263
Planning & Z-Rick Hatch  435-881-4502
Sewer-Joe Perry & Eric Christensen
Streets-Joe Perry 
Utilities-All Council 
Dogs-All Council
Lighting of Teuscher Square-All Council


Bancroft and Chesterfield: Jessica Hatch
Phone: 208.339.0193

Mail Payments to:
2757 Hatch Loop E
Bancroft, ID 83217

Central: Blaire Rindlisbaker 208.221.8661 or 
Kyle Christensen 208.221.9266

Lund: Gordon Yost 208.648.7886 or
Ken Christensen 208.547.7786
Gordon email:  

Garbage Service

Pickup Day=Thursdays   *If a major holiday falls on Thursday-trash will be picked up the following day (Friday) 
MR&E is under new ownership but will be keeping the same co. name for now
Repairs & Replacements will be handled directly by MR&E (208)547-4082
Cans will be tracked by serial number-contact MR&E if can is missing

City Contact Information

Office Contact
City Office (208) 648-7648
City Office Fax (208) 648-7658

Office Address 

95 S. Main (Physical Address)
P.O. Box 39 (Mailing Address)

Bancroft, ID 83217

Mon-Thurs 8:00-4:00 p.m. 
Lunch: 12:30-1:00 p.m.

All Federal Holidays

 After Hour Emergencies 
Caribou County Dispatch: 208 547-2563
Mayor-LuCus H. Spencer: 208 221-3839  (Emergencies Only)