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Dog Fees


Books Open January 1st
Office Phone: 208-648-7648
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm

Reservations Must Be Scheduled in Advance
Large group reservations include the 
pavilion, grass area, and all camp sites 
The playground is always open to the public

Reservation Fees-Memorial Park
Tents=$10.00/night  (each tent)
Campers=$20.00/night (each camper)
(Includes All Camp Sites & the Pavilion)
1 Day=$50 (Week Day Reservations ONLY)
Rodeo Grounds 
Profit Organizations $100
Non-Profit Organizations $0

Teuscher Square
Large Groups=$50/day
Small Groups=$20/day


Public Notice

Spring Cleanup 2024 (open for details)


Due to concerned citizens the city has sent additional water samples to the laboratory this month for testing (4-22-2024)
The water sample is back and showing 0 contaminants meaning the water is clean and safe for drinking as usual.  
Please open the following link to see the results. 4-22-24 water sample tested (clean)

Utility Payment Schedule
Due: 10th of each mo.
Late Fees: 15th of each mo.
Shut Off: 20th of each mo.

Council Meetings
Regular Council Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 8:00 p.m.
Special Meetings are scheduled by public notice as needed.
If you would like to be on the agenda or arrange for special accommodations contact the city office 7 days prior to the meeting (208)648-7648

Bancroft:  Jessica Hatch phone: 208.339.0193 email:
Chesterfield:  Jessica Hatch phone: 208.339.0193 email:

Central: Blaire Rindlisbaker: phone 208.221.8661 or Kyle Christensen 208.221.9266
Lund: Gordon Yost phone: 208.648.7886 email:  or Ken Christensen Phone: 208.547.7786

Winter Reminders
Remove vehicles, garbage cans, & other obstacles from the streets for safe snow removal
Trickle faucets during cold temperatures to prevent freezing pipes & cracked water meters