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City of Bancroft
Physical Address: 95 S. Main
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 39
Bancroft, ID 83217
Phone: 208-648-7648
Fax: 208-648-7658

Dog Fees

Park Reservation

Books Open: January 1st
Phone: 208-648-7648
Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm

Reservations MUST be made in advance
due to large group reservations that
include all camp sites & the Pavilion 

Memorial Park
Tents=$10.00/night  (each tent)
Campers=$20.00/night (each camper)
(Includes All Camp Sites & the Pavilion)
1 Day=$50 (Week Day Reservations ONLY) 
Rodeo Grounds 
Profit Organizations $100
Non-Profit Organizations $0
Teuscher Square
Small Groups=$20/day

-Playground is always open to the public  

Public Notice

5-13-2022 Water Sample Test Results
Residents may resume normal water usage

Parents-please talk to your children about curfew and respecting the rights of others
All dogs in city limits must be registered and licensed annually-Fines will be issued for non-compliance
Chickens-A maximum of  15 chickens/hens are permitted in the city limits (Ordinance  5-3-1) Roosters are NOT permitted
Please move vehicles, garbage cans, and other obstacles from public streets during heavy snowfall

Payment Options-
Debit, Credit, Checks, Cash, Money Order,  E-Checks, Autopay or payment through the city website. 
The Fee for using a Debit or Credit Card is 3% plus $1 charged by the card company (0% of these fees go to the city)
Autopay can be set up through your banking institution (please put your account number on the check)
One time or recurring payments can be made through this site (have your account number ready)
Mail payments to: City of Bancroft.,  P.O. Box 39., Bancroft, ID 83217  

Council Meetings
Council Meeting are held the 2nd Monday of each month (unless otherwise posted)
If you would like to attend a city meeting and need assistance please call City Hall 24-hours in advance for adequate arrangements (208)648-7648

Annual Events 

Bancroft Spring Clean up-April 29-May 6th  The city will provide a free dumpster located at 114 E. Center/Shop (10-Tires per household can be neatly stacked on the flatbed truck

Lighting of Teuscher Square-The Monday following Thanksgiving each year  (details will be provided as the event gets closer) 
Pioneer Day-July 24th Celebration 2022-Due to falling on a Sunday the Celebration will be held on Saturday, July 23, 2022 
Parade-10:00 am -Rodeo at 2:00 pm -DUP/church - Vendors will be set up in front of the North Gem School. For more information regarding the events contact:

           Mark Priestley/Parade (208)648-7830
           Nicole McLain/Rodeo Fees (208)339-6475

           Kathy Berry/Vendors (208)648-7353
For additional information visit: Bancroft pioneer days celebration Facebook Page
The above listed events are subject to change--watch for updates & public notices

Garbage Removal Services-MR&E (Contracted)
Thursdays are garbage pickup day. In the event of a holiday falling on a Thursday, pick up day will be the following day (Friday)
MR&E will not dump garbage cans with items exceeding 3 feet above the rim of the can 

During winter months-please pull garbage cans off the road to ensure safe snow removal and damage prevention

1.      Chesterfield Historical Site is open Memorial Day and Labor Day. 10AM-6PM
2.      Brochures for the Historic Chesterfield Idaho are available at the City Hall.
5.      PHONE: 208.648.7177