Bancroft welcomes you!

Bancroft is a quiet community with approximately 390 residents. Our town lies in the midst of the Caribou Highlands, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and productive fields of grain and potatoes. We are proud of our town and want all who reside or visit here to feel of our warm country atmosphere.  

A few interesting facts about Bancroft

  • Bancroft sits at an elevation of 5420 feet above sea level.

  • Bancroft is a railroad town that lies on the historic route; old Highway 30

  • Bancroft was informally named after W. H. Bancroft the President and General Manager of the Oregon Short Line rail road company in 1892.

  • Official designation as Bancroft Village occurred on July 23rd 1898. Over time Bancroft was incorporated as a City on Feb. 18th, 1941.

The city sprang into existence when the Union Pacific Railroad came into the area around 1882. Mormon Settler Parley P. Willey was contracted to supply timber for the rail ties. Parley relocated a large saw mill from Chesterfield to Squaw Creek (now Bancroft.) With the mill came employment. Men from all around came to Squaw Creek to work. Over time the village grew in to what is now known as Bancroft. 

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Bancroft & Chesterfield
Jessica Hatch  208.339.0193
Mail Payments to:
2757 Hatch Loop E.
Bancroft, ID 83217   

Blaire Rindlisbaker  208.221.8661 

or Kyle Christensen 208.221.9266

Gordon Yost  208.648.7886 

or Ken Christensen 208.547.7786

City of Bancroft, Idaho

Notice of Candidacy Filing Deadline(click to open)

Job Openings
Full-Time Maintenance
Summer Help
Applications are available at City Hall or under the Forms Tab

Winter Reminders 
Remove all vehicles, trailers, & miscellaneous objects off the streets
Plows need space for safe snow removal

Drip Faucets to prevent frozen pipes and meters.
Residents are responsible for the cost of a replacement meter

Garbage Removal Services-MR&E 
Thursday is garbage day 
The city is contracted with MR&E located in Soda Springs, Idaho
MR&E has requested that cans are out by 8am-pick up times will vary
If a major holiday falls on a Thursday; garbage pick up will be the following day (Friday)

Repairs & Replacements will be handled directly by MR&E
MR&E is purchasing cans that are tracked by serial number 
Note: The garbage trucks break down-MR&E ask that residents be patient 
Call MR&E if your can has not been emptied by noon the following day
MR&E Phone: (208)547-4082 


July 24th-Bancroft Pioneer Day Celebration

Parade 10:00 a.m.
Rodeo: 2:00 p.m.
Contact the following people for more information  
Parade-Mark Priestley 208-648-7830
Rodeo-Nicole McLain 208-339-6475 

Vendors-Kathie Berry 208-648-7353
Facebook: Bancroft Pioneer Days 

In the event of an Emergency, Disaster, or Loss of Power which results in normal means of communications becoming inoperable; residents are encouraged to have an FRS or GMRS radio.  
The County wide Radio Channel is: 20 and the Tone is: 8
EMS Director/Eric Hobson 208-547-2583   EMS/Paul Gritton 208-221-1224 
Facebook:  "208 Communicate"

Payment Options 

Debit, credit, cash, check, money order, e-check, or autopay 
The fee for using a debit or credit card is 3% plus $1.00 (all fees go to the debit/credit card companies) 
Ask the bank to put your utility account number on the check. The account number is located in 2 places on your monthly utility statement. 
Auto pay checks are mailed to the city in  the form of a paper check. Mailing time varies

Utility Bill Assistance
Assistance for Utility Customers
Residents are encouraged to contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare at (208) 232-1114 or visit:
to apply for temporary assistance with paying the water & sewer portion of utility bills. 

Dogs-All dogs in the city limits must be licensed See City Code 5-3A-3
Snow Removal-Remove vehicles, garbage cans, & other obstacles from streets during heavy snowfall
Non-running vehicles- Prohibited on city streets See City Code 6-3-2